Frequently Asked Questions

Returnless Refund

What Do you mean by Returnless Refund?

Under "Returnless Refund", we directly issue you the refund for the part received without making you go though the hassle of returns. This enables the buyer to settle their issue quickly and conveniently. Mistakes can be made by anyone, but we strive to make sure that those are solve with as much quickness and ease as possible and returns being a major issue in e-commerce, cannot be better handled than providing the provision of Returnless Refunds

How does "Returnless Refund" Works?

Once you have received the product from DIU Auto Parts, and there is some issue with the same - be it any, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Login to your account and visit "My Orders" Section
  • For the product you wish to return, click on "Return" option next to it.
  • Under Return, you will only have to fill in 4 details and submit the same.
  • Once submitted, our team will review your return request within 24 working hours and if your return request is valid - your refund will be approved within the same timeline. In case there is any issue with the same, our team will contact you over Mail / WhatsApp and ask for required details to fulfill the return process

Price Beat Guarantee

What do you mean by "Price Beat Guarantee"?

Under "Price Beat Guarantee", we ensure our buyers to provide them with the best price for the product they are interested in buying. We do so by giving a guarantee that our pricing will be the lowest of them all and if not, you can let us know the price you are finding and we will not just match it but rather Beat It!

How does "Price Beat Guarantee" Work?

To Avail "Price Beat Guarantee", you can simple contact us via Mail / WhatsApp / Website Chat and drop in the link of the product, which is cheaper than our store. Our team will analyse the same and get back to you with a revert within 24 working hours.

Does the "Price Beat Guarantee" apply everywhere?

"Price Beat Guarantee" is not applicable if you are comparing our pricing to other products when they are 1) On Sale 2) Second Hand 3) Being sold by a company and not an individual 4) Are covered under some kind of overall store deals.