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DIU stands for 'D'ing 'I'n the 'U'niverse and that is what we work upon. We strive to provide World Class automotive parts to customers across the globe at a price that delivers more value than paid for.
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Originated in India, with a thought of providing World Class Auto Parts across the globe, DIU Auto Parts strived only to achieve one thing - to put a 'D'ing 'I'n the 'U'niverse. This is a beginning of a new journey, and a new branch, for a family business of 3 people, who have been into manufacturing of automotive parts since 1999. After spending years in developing parts for foreign markets like USA, UK, Germany and realising that they are still being sold with a tag of their own country, we decided to form a brand which will change the whole automotive sector, with it's simple vision of providing highest quality automotive spares from the very origin of its production i.e. The India. India, being one of the most prominent hubs of aftermarket auto parts have never been able to achieve as per its potential. We are here to unveil the same globally, with the help of years of experience, knowledge of foreign markets, technology and of course our driving force to put a DIU. Know more at - www.diuautoparts.com